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Title Deed

Title Deed "Tapu"

Ownership certificate or in Turkish official use "Tapu" is the document that shows the freehold ownership of the property. However, this document itself is not enough for buying and selling property with the contract between seller and buyer.  

Legal ownership of the property can only be registered at Tapu Kadastro offices in Turkey. The title deed transaction is a formal process at Tapu which proves the freehold ownership. Therefore, no matter if you make a contract with seller, if the transaction is not completed at Land Registry Office "Tapu Kadastro", the contract does not help for freehold ownership. Purchase contract should be made between buyer and seller in order to define the purchase details such as purchase price, deposit payment, property details, payment conditions. But the actual ownership transaction is at the official registry office. 

Official transactions at registry offices are normally either with direct cash purchase or purchase with mortgage. It is essential that seller should apply the land registry offices personally to start the purchase formalities. Application numbers are given at registry office or online at web page of Tapu Kadastro Office. Once the application is received by the officer an automatic message received on mobile telephone regarding the application number. When the application papers are checked by the authorities, new sms message sent in order to invite the parties for the appointment to sign at the register office. In this case purchase tax should be paid to the bank accounts addressed by the message and to be at register office “tapu” at required time. When the seller and buyer sign at the presence of the officer at Land Registry Office “Tapu Kadastro” the purchase formality is completed.

We strongly advise potential buyers to deal with decent companies and contact with real owner of the property to make sure the purchase conditions are accepted by both parties. Please also ask the officer to confirm if the property is clear without debt during the ownership transaction at Title Deed Office.

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