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How to Apply Citizenship in Turkey | Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Turkey is becoming one of the most interesting countries in the whole Mediterranean, for those who are looking for more relaxing and inexpensive standards of living in the recent years. The safe living environments, beautiful nature, holidays resorts, friendly local people, delicious cuisines, encourage people to obtain either permanent residential permission in Turkey or Turkish Citizenship for better standard of life.

Although there are few methods of applying for Turkish Citizenship, the recent law announced in 2018 encourage foreign investors to apply Citizenship in Turkey very easily.

This specific law allows foreigners to obtain Turkish Citizenship under following conditions.

Citizenship can be obtained in 6 different ways for investment purposes in Turkey.

To make minimum 500.000,-$ (US Dollars) fixed capital investment

To purchase property or real estate objects in Turkey with minimum value of 400.000,-$ (US Dollars), under the condition not to sell it for 3 years.

To Employment minimum 50 employees for business activities in Turkey.

To deposit at least 500.000,-$ (US Dollar) in Turkish banks on the condition of keeping the deposit for three years.

Investing governmental stocks, bonds and bill of exchange instruments with minimum value of 500.000,-$ (US Dollars) for 3 years period.

To invest minimum 500.000,-$ (US Dollars) for real estate investment fund shares or venture capital investment fund shares, on the condition to hold at least three years period.

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You can also find more properties suitable for Turkish Citizenship by Investment.

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